lethargic all the time

Know why you feel lazy, tired, and lethargic all the time

You’re just one of many who feel excessively exhausted or low on energy.

Simple things like getting too little sleep, getting sick with the flu, or getting a cold can all contribute to fatigue. However, underlying medical issues may also be the cause.

Correcting a nutrient deficiency, treating an underlying medical problem, or improving diet or lifestyle can alleviate weariness. Nevertheless, identifying the root cause of weariness is necessary to address it.

In this post, you will learn the reasons why you feel lazy, tired, and lethargic all the time:

Iron Deficiency

Your low iron levels are one possible but common cause. Even if you get enough sleep, the likelihood is that you will still feel exhausted if your iron levels are low. Women who are pregnant, menstruating, severe vegans, and people who eat just salads are among the groups most likely to have low iron levels.

Lack of Sleep

Excessive sleep or staying up late might lead to fatigue. Getting enough sleep during the day is crucial. Insufficient sleep can cause fatigue and a constant state of sluggishness, yawning, and sleepiness. Your skin and body will also suffer from this.

Are You Stressed Out or Overwhelmed?

Another cause of exhaustion or lack of energy could be stress or anxiety. Laziness or a simple lack of focus can frequently cause tasks to pile up, making you feel overwhelmed. As a result, your mind becomes less calm and consumes more energy, which causes you to have trouble falling asleep.

A Poor Or Unbalanced Diet

Your body responds to the food you eat. It is continually replacing its cells. Depending on the type and amount of food you consume, you may feel rejuvenated or fatigued.


Lack of fluid in the body can result in dehydration, which can lead to headaches, cramps, lightheadedness, and low energy. Since most human bodies are composed of water, dehydration is often caused by inadequate water intake.

Growing Body

Depending on your age, this may be your body expanding, and you are consuming more energy than you did in the past. It wears you out.


After a lengthy physical exertion, you may feel as though you have no energy left. To keep your body’s energy level stable, have a few sources of energy.

You’re attempting to multitask excessively:

If you continuously attempt to balance several tasks, you may feel overburdened and agitated. Concentrating on one activity at a time and dividing it into smaller steps is critical to improving this. Doing this will make you more driven and focused on finishing the tasks at hand.


Insulin is either not used as efficiently by the body or not produced in sufficient amounts in people with diabetes. The pancreas secretes the hormone insulin, which facilitates glucose uptake by body cells for use as an energy source.

Diabetes can make you feel exhausted all the time for several reasons. Diabetes-related fatigue is partially due to blood sugar fluctuations, and it may also result from your blood cells not receiving enough glucose.

Bottom Line:

The above points suggest the reasons why you feel lazy, tired, and lethargic all the time. If you constantly feel tired or too low on energy, visit a doctor.