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Is writing and travel both seem like a part of who you are? Perhaps this is your calling! We’d love to talk to you and offer you the chance to write for us, sharing your experiences. After all, travelogues and experiences are meant to be shared, right? To find out if you have the unique work we’re searching for, please carefully go over our writing guidelines for travel writer.


The Basics for Write For Us


Make sure our contributing writer program is right for you before continuing:

  • We are seeking writers to write about places they are familiar with.
  • We are looking for writers who have either lived in or have traveled to a certain location for several weeks or months.
  • Posts concerning trips you have taken or places you have only visited at times for a few days at a time are not what we are looking for.
  • When it comes to your submission, the depth of travel information you share and the voice you use is key!


What’s In It For You?


  • One potential advantage is the platform to have your writing shown online.
  • It appears very impressive on your resume, making it possible for you to find new prospects as well as for you to discover new opportunities.
  • Backlinks, or links pointing to your personal blog or website, which increase website traffic.
  • The opportunity to be featured on “Brand.”


Style Guidelines to Write For Us


We welcome travelogues and recommendations as long as they are well-written and follow our guidelines (see below).

  1. You should write incredibly interesting blog posts. 

Whatever you write about, make sure you address every perspective and don’t leave any unanswered questions for our readers to find elsewhere.

  1. We should giggle at what you’ve written.

We’re searching for generally entertaining stories and anecdotes that are humorous and ludicrous.

  1. You should give historical context in your post.

Tell us the reasons it matters, why it’s important, and why you think it should be done. What historical events have influenced the location have visited.

  1. You should avoid making generic recommendations.

We look for a blend of conventional and unusual travel suggestions. We are searching for guidance and information that is available only by spending some time getting to know a location or becoming a local.

  1. Travel destinations and experiences should be “sold” in your post. 

We must be compelled to visit the location at the end of your post, no matter whether you are writing about your hometown or your preferred vacation destination. Persuade us that we must visit by explaining what makes it unique.

  1. A post on your personal experience is not what it should be

We are looking for travel blogs that serve as informative travel guides. You can write your personal experience on your personal blog, but in “brand,” we are not looking for it. But short personal anecdotes are welcomed.

  1. For our readers, your post needs to be relevant. 

Your subject matter should capture the interest of our readers. Take some time to look around our website and get a sense of the kind of contents we offer.

  1. SEO-optimized content is what we’re searching for

Therefore, a focus keyword needs to be included in every post. Although we can assist, it is best to start writing with a topic or keyword in mind. If your idea doesn’t have a lot of search volume, we may encourage you to structure the content that easily adopts the keyword.

We’ll look for a piece that fits with these guidelines if we really like your pitch.


Requirements for Writing to Us


Here are other important requirements for writing:

  1. 3000 words or more

Posts by us are never brief. Because our viewers are a bunch of nerds like us. So add more substance to your post and use lots of words!

  1. An overview about yourself in brief

Please provide a brief bio that highlights your background and areas of expertise. You can also link to your website, blog, and social networking accounts here.

  1. Add relevant backlinks to more websites. 

It is mandatory to provide a link to the website of every business or attraction you list in your post.

  1. Use original, unedited photos or ones you obtained from other sources. 

Your images should be visually appealing and complement the text of your post. They should help visually tell the tale of a location. If you are not good at taking pictures or you don’t have any that would work for your post, you will need to find stock photos that aren’t protected by copyright.


What to Avoid while write for us?


We would appreciate it if you have avoided following the things given below as a travel blogger for our site:

  1. Don’t use “Really something for everyone”

Don’t tell us that the location you share is for everyone. That is not we are interested in any case. Tell us how it’s especially ideal for our readers.

  1. Don’t use “If you’re looking for”

Assume that none of our readers are aware of what they want or are searching for. It is your responsibility to advise people precisely what they should do at a destination, not to provide options depending on their particular tastes.

  1. Don’t use “You’re sure to”

Tell us what to get and then give a mouthwatering description of it instead of saying, “You’re sure to enjoy the food at this restaurant.”

  1. Use specifics rather than cliches. 

Please include as many specifics as you can and stay away from typical travel clichés or descriptions that don’t really say anything.

  1. Things aren’t exclusive to your location. 

It must be exclusive to your location, whether you’re recommending a dining establishment, museum, or tour. Kindly do not provide generic suggestions or non-local franchise restaurants.


Still Interested?


If you are interested, write for us through “email – defineplaces@gmail.com.” We can’t wait to hear from you