NUBRA VALLEY LADAKH – Beautiful Places to Visit in Nubra

Nubra is also known as Dumra is a historical region of Ladakh, India. It is known for its orchards, Bactrian camels, scenic vistas and monasteries. Nubra valley is surrounded by the snowcapped Himalayan ranges, The valley lies between Tibet and Kashmir.  During winters, the whole valley looks  like landscape of moon and in summer full of greenery. This valley is also known as the Orchard of Ladakh and originally called Ldumra means valley of flowers. The view of the Nubra valley is breathtaking and picturesque. To reach at the valley you have to cross Khardung La which is the highest motorable pass in the world.


nubra valley


Highlights of Nubra Valley

  • Nubra valley is famous for camping and has several famous campsites where you can book your stay.
  • Nubra valley is a famous destination among adventure seekers as it provides them a location to enjoy river rafting in the stream of River Shyok.
  • Even after being located at such an off spot, Nubra valley has everything needed for fun vacation from comfy hotels to riversides camps, this place has everything needed for perfect vacation.
  • Nubra is famous for being a home to river streams, 14th century Buddhist Monastery and remote village.
  • Panamik village is another famous location in Nubra valley which is known for its Sulphur hot springs which have medical properties.

Things to do in Nubra Valley

If you are thinking what to do in Nubra valley, let us tell you it is a wonderful place with lots of activities to do. Here is a list of best things to do in Nubra valley that will give you an amazing experience of staying there.

  • Cycling in villages
  • Sangan Bar for party animals
  • Take a Camel Safari
  • Visit the beautiful Hunder Village
  • Visit the famous Turtuk Old Mosque
  • Panoramic view of the Panamik Village
  • Khardung La Pass Adventure tour
  • Zanskar River Rafting
  • Eat Baltistani Dishes at Balti Kitchen
  • Visit The Holy Lake Yarab Tso

Beautiful & Famous Places to visit in Nubra valley

1.Panamik Village

Panamik village is located at a distance of 140 km from Leh. It is famous for its hot water spring. Panamik has plenty of attractions to visit. At this place public transport is rare so don’t depend on it and you will find the limited number of guest rooms to stay. This place is one of the best places to visit in Nubra for all kinds of travelers.


 Panamik Village


2.Maitreya Buddha

Maitreya buddha is the tall statue that is 32 m in height near the Diskit monastery which faces the Shyok river. This recently built statue is made up of 8 kg gold and was sanctified by H.H Dalai Lama. The gold was donated by head of Gompa. The legends says that the statue was build to protect the village from wars and prompt world peace.


Maitreya Buddha


3.Bactrian Camel Safari

Nubra valley is well known for its marvellous sand dunes and there is nothing better than having a camel ride amidst those dunes. The one thing that make it unique is that these camels are unusual that ones that roam the desert in Rajasthan. These camels are Bactrian which have two humps. These camels are used as mode of transport to travel the silk route.


Bactrian Camel Safari


4.Hunder Sand Dunes

Hunder village in Nubra valley is a stark, picturesque, and secluded refuge in the middle of the chilly desert. It is known for its desert landscape and sand dunes.


Hunder Sand Dunes



Turtuk is the one of the farthest north of the India and country’s final village. This village provide you the opportunity to learn about the  local culture and dialect. There are numerous reasons why one should not miss the opportunity to visit Turtuk, including the stunning scenery, the best landscape, the fact that it is India’s last village, and the presence of various cultures.




6.Ensa Gompa

Ensa is an old monastery in the middle of the region and it is one of the top tourist  attraction to visit in Nubra valley. The walls Ensa Gompa is painted with dark painted as they are old. It is one of the famous buddhist places to visit in Nubra Valley. This place is usually less crowded. Visiting Ensa will surely be a different experience on your trip to Nubra that you shouldn’t miss.


Ensa Gompa


7.Yarab Tso Lake

Yarab Tso Lake is situated near Sumur village and is known as the “hidden lake”. Because there is no public transit, there is only one way to get to this secret lake is to hike upwards. Please do not wash your feet or attempt to swim at this lake because the water is crystal clean. This lake is one of the top tourist attractions in Nubra valley.


Yarab Tso Lake


8.Khardung La

As you’ll making your way to Nubra valley, you can’t avoid to stop at Khardung La- the world’s highest motorable mountain pass to get some pictures clicked. Khardung La is located at an altitude of 5,359 metres. Besides from clicking pictures, you can enjoy momos, tea, noddles coffee in the cafe.


Khardung La


Places to stay in Nubra Valley

The Zen Resort LadakhRs 12,465
Lasermo LadakhRs 6,358
The Auspicious HotelRs 3,600
Hotel RaficaRs 4,346
Otsal ResidencyRs 2,933
The Verda White SandsRs 10,030
Hotel Sand DuneRs 20,330
Hotel Paradise LadakhRs 11,098
The Indus ValleyRs 6,369
The Pangong HotelRs 3,825


Places to eat near Nubra Valley 

1- Corretto Leh

2- The Tibetan Kitchen

3- Chaska Maska

4- Tribes

5- Eclectic Kitchen

6- Open Hand Café & Shop

7- The coffee lounge

8- Tenzin Dickey Tibetan

9- Red Sauce

10- Leh Chen

Best Time to visit Nubra Valley

The perfect time to visit Nubra valley is from June to August. As this valley remains under snow throughout the year, it is advisable to visit this place during summer months. Trekking at Nubra valley starts after November due to snowfall.

Rain in Nubra Valley

January7 Days
February4 Days
March5 Days
April5 Days
May3 Days
June7 Days
July1 Days
August3 Days
September1 Days
October1 Days
November11 Days
December4 Days


How to reach Nubra Valley

By Road

Nubra is about 150 km away from Leh can be reached easily by bus or jeep. Tourists has to cross Khardung La or k-Top and require inner line permit to enter Nubra valley.

By Rail

Jammu railway station is the nearest railway station to reach Leh. One can hire a taxi or cab to reach at Nubra valley from Leh.

By Air

Leh Airport is the nearest airport From Leh, one can hire a taxi or cab to reach at Nubra valley.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)s 


Que- What is the special thing about Nubra valley?

Ans- The special thing about Nubra valley is that it separates Ladakh from the Karakoram Ranges and the mighty Siachen Glacier.


Que- How many days are enough to explore Nubra Valley?

Ans- You’ll need at least three days to explore Nubra Valley.


Que- How far is the Nubra valley from Leh?

Ans- Nubra is located at the distance of 150 km from Leh.


Que- Is there signal available in Nubra Valley?

Ans- Prepaid phones do not work in Nubra valley. A Postpaid connection is necessary.


Que- How many villages are there in Nubra valley?

Ans- There are 28 villages in Nubra Tehsil.


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