KUAPPI – World’s Smallest Restaurant


Kuappi is the name of the restaurant which means “cupboard” in English. The exact word is kaappi  but because of the double vowel “aa” tends to modify into “ua” Hence, kaappi becomes kuappi. Kuappi is the famous restaurant situated in lisalmi , Finland.  According to Guinness world records Kuappi is the smallest restaurant in the world.

The building of this restaurant has the footprint of 8m square ( 86 sq ft.) of which 3.6 m square (39 sq ft.) is in indoors.The building of the restaurant was constructed in the 1907 as a for the Finnish state railways rack inspector to rest. And then it later moved  from its location to its current place.

This restaurant is  named as korkki for the long time. Inside the building there is a bar, two seats and one table to seat, a television and a toilet. The interior of the restaurant is licensed to serve drinks and  only two  people can seat at the same time in the restaurant. At the time of covid 19 only one customer can visit the restaurant at a time but in the summers of 2020 Terrace could seat two customers at a time as terrace were free of the  customer limit restrictions.

kuappi restraunt

Infrastructure of Kuappi Restaurant

Kuappi is made up of yellow wood and it is very small and it is the popular restaurant for locals and tourists. Kuappi restaurant have seat for 2 people at a time and a bar, toilet and a terrace. It is very unique from inside. The dining room is take less than half of the cabin’s 86 square feet.

Menu of Kuappi Restaurant

Kuappi restaurant serve varieties of food like :-

1- Salads

2- chicken

3- mushrooms

4- Fish

5- Meat

6-  Fried vendace

7- Hunter’s steak sandwich

8- Pork schnitzel

9- Savonian  blueberry


Kuappi restaurant is small in the size so there is no kitchen in the Kuappi restaurant all the dishes served in the Kuappi  are actually prepared in the kitchen of neighbouring restaurant Olutmestari.

Kuappirock Festival 

In the summers of 2018, Kuappi organized kuappirock festival the smallest rock festival in the world. A total of four tickets are sold for the festival and the tickets for the festival were sold online  on Facebook  with the prices if 125 euros for two tickets.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)s


1- Is it true that Kuappi restaurant is the smallest restaurant in the world?

Ans – It is true that Kuappi restaurant is the smallest restaurant in the world.

2- In which records Kuappi restaurant is listed smallest restaurant in the world?

Ans- In Guinness world record Kuappi restaurant is listed smallest restaurant in the world.

3- How many customers can visit Kuappi restaurant at a time ?

Ans- Only two customers can visit Kuappi restaurant at a time.

4- Is there is a bar inside the Kuappi restaurant?

Ans- Yes, there is the bar inside the building of Kuappi restaurant.

5- where is Kuappi restaurant located?

Ans- Kuappi restaurant is located in Lisalmi, Finland.

As per my advice you must visit this restaurant once in your lifetime if you visit Finland many tourists come to especially see this restaurant.

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