Shikaras in Kashmir – Ride Timings and Cost


shikara ride


Shikara is the wooden boat mainly found in Dal lake of Srinagar. Dal lake is one of the most remarkable lakes of india in Jammu and Kashmir. Shikaras are of different sizes and are used for various purposes some shikaras are used for harvesting aquatic vegetation, fishing and transport and some are used by the tourists. Shikara has six seats with driver paddling at the rear.


Difference between Houseboat and Shikara




To arrive at your houseboat you need to get a smaller boat to get there this boat is called shikara. Shikara is budget friendly mostly used for short cruise. These boats are beautifully decorated and used for various purposes some of them are used for fishing and transport and some are used by the tourists.






The houseboat is the boat that has been designed to be used as a home. When you have to ride for long cruise and want more provision for relaxing etc then you should go for houseboat. These boats are used as houses.




Construction of Shikara


The crafting of shikara relies on Deodar wood it does not decay in water. The length of shikara is 25 to 41 feet. To make a shikara it usually takes 10-12 days Seating arrangements in shikara are organized in the middle segment of the boat . A shade is supported by four pillars the centre and the end of the shikara are fitted with iron rings and wooden pegs used to faster the boat at the banks of lake. Mainly shikaras are painted or polished with bright colours to make it more eye-catching.


Best timings for Shikara ride


4:00-5:00 is the best timings to start your shikara ride. A Shikara rides usually takes 30 to 45 minutes. You can longer your ride but you have to pay more.


Costings for Shikara ride


Cost of the shikara ride in Dal lake is 600 per hour 2 children and 4 adult are allowed.


Speciality of shikara


As we know that shikara is considered as the cultural symbol of Kashmir apart from ease and tourism purposes, it is one of the incredible aspects for the holiday in Kashmir. These boats are beautifully decorated and float calmly on the lake is the treat to the eyes.


Features and highlights of shikara Ride


shikara view


  • Amazing views of the surroundings
  • Fantastic sightseeing visit attractions around Dal lake.

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