Festivals of Ooty: Tea and Tourism Festival, Summer Festival, Mariamman Temple Festival


Are you interested in learning more about Ooty than just the hills and smog? If that is the case, consider booking an all-inclusive trip to the mountains, complete with sightseeing, adventure, and a cultural feast.

Festivals and celebrations are an important aspect of Ooty’s culture. And the greatest of Ooty’s cultural features, as well as its beauty, are on display during festive times.

During the festive seasons, you can book hotels in Ooty in advance. This beautiful hill station is open all year, whether summer, winter, or monsoon.

Summers are pleasant, winters are lovely, and monsoons are spectacular. This time, visit Ooty during the holiday season for a change. Below you will see festivals in Ooty:


Tea and Tourism Festival


The annual tea and tourism festival is held in January and is also a popular tourist attraction. This yearly festival, organised by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Department and the Ministry of Tourism, takes place every January.

The event features exhibits of Ooty’s homegrown tea varietals, and visitors can sample and purchase the various tea flavours.

Apart from the opportunity to participate in these festivals in the hills of Ooty, visitors can also participate in various other festivities.

If you visit Ooty in February, you can see and join the Thaipoosam at Elk Hill Murugan Temple. If you visit Ooty in May, you may see the Boat Races and Pageantry.


Tea and Tourism Festival


Summer festival in Ooty


The Tamil Nadu Department of Tourism hosts an important one-month summer event in Ooty. Throughout May, plenty of events are held specifically to attract tourists.

As a result, this is the best time of year to visit Ooty. Because Ooty is a popular summer destination for many visitors during May. And the festival attracts a large number of visitors to this tourism-based city. The following are some of the festival’s major events:


  • Every year, the Government of Ooty hosts a flower exhibition at Botanical Gardens during the summer festival, one of the most popular events.


  • The floral feasts begin with a display of 10,000 flowers and plants, floral rangolis, Indian and international flowers, and flower shops that attract a large crowd.


  • Hundreds of people come to Ooty Lake for the annual Boat Race, which takes place over two days.


  • Sim’s Park in Conoor hosts a fruit show, while Nehru Park in Kotagiri hosts a vegetable show.


Summer festival in Ooty


During the festival, local dance, music, theatre, and arts are shown in cultural activities. Every year, Ooty prepares for this activity month. The Botanical Gardens, Government Rose Gardens, Sim’s Park, Ooty Lake, and Pykara Lake have been renovated and decorated to welcome the masses.

This amazing event’s features include a flower exhibition and boat races. During the summer festival, hotels and travel agencies offer special discounts, and the government provides infrastructural comforts to welcome visitors.


Ooty mariamman temple festival


This festival is the longest and largest of the arulmigu mariamman temple’s festivals, lasting all 28 days of February.

Thousands of devotees gather to see Mother Aadhi Parasakti, also known as Durga, Parvathi, Meenakshi, Heddhai Amman, Kamakshi, Rajarajeswari, and Bhagavathi, in procession.

Devotees throw salt on the deity throughout the procession, hoping that all of their troubles will disappear like salt in water. If you are interested in Indian culture, you should not miss this custom and ritual.


Ooty mariamman temple festival


Bottom Line


Most people like to travel to Ooty to celebrate famous festivals during the season. The above-mentioned are a few seasoned festivals celebrated in Ooty. If you want to explore all these festivals, you can travel to Ooty.


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