Brijghat is situated 5 km from the Garhmukteshwar  on the banks of River ganga in the district of Hapur of Uttar Pradesh. It is a famous pilgrimage area with many temples near the River Ganges. Brijghat is developing very fastly as a pilgrimage with the thousands of devotees comes to bath in the holy water of River Ganga in Brijghat. The evening aarti of Ganga Kshetra is an beautiful sight enjoyed by the thousands of Devotees every day. There are many temples in Brijghat including Vedanti Mandir, Ganga Mandir, Hanuman temple and Falahari Mata Kuti. A fair is held on Kartik Purnima and attended by the large numbers of devotes.




More than 500,000 people take a bath in River ganga on Kartik Purnima. People from every part of the country comes to attend this fair not only in India this fair has the fame in other countries also. Brij Ghat ganga mela takes place the week long and peoples live and prepare food at their tents and children fully enjoy the fair. Childrens play football, volleyball and cricket on the ghats. The entire region change into a Tent house at the time of the festival.

Special arrangements are made by the authorities to ensure the safety of the visitors at Brij Ghat Ganga Fair. Many people arrived at the Brijghat Ganga Fair with their bullock carts and tracters.  Many people lives in makeshift tents with their family for more than a week or until the fair is over.




Authorities provide food, electricity and hospitality for all the people came from all over country to participate in Brijghat Fair. The Fair is filled with shops and Jhulas there are lots of shops for purchasing Jewellery, toys, sweets etc. People fully enjoy this fair.




Timings to visit

Best timings to visit Garh ganga fair is in the evening when Ganga aarti is performed. It is very eye-catchy view when ganga aarti is performed on the ghats.




Way to Reach

People can easily reach at Brijghat fair:

By road

People can easily reach there by hiring Taxi and auto-rickshaw or by their own cars.

By Rail

Visitors can reach at the fair by the rail and hire taxi from outside of the Railway Station.

By Air

Nearest airport is Indira Gandhi airport. People can hire taxi to reach at the fair from outside of the Airport.

Distance from Other city to Brijghat


Agra248 km
Delhi121 km
Kanpur513 km
Ghaziabad72 km
Lucknow416 km
Merrut78 km
Mumbai1,471 km
Chandigarh323 km
Jaipur405 km
Kolkata1,431 km


Frequently asked Questions(FAQ)s

1- Where is Brijghat Situated?

Ans- Brijghat is located at NH-24


2- Where are the coordinates of Brijghat?

Ans- Longitude- 78.1433340158

Latitude- 28.7598966825


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