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Meera’s Bistro Restaurant showcases a fraction of its most notable gastronomic developments. They are among the best restaurants in India for representing quality Indian unfiltered veggie lover sustenance at reasonable prices.


Meera’s Bistro, a leading brand of “Meera’s Bistro and Restaurants,” has spread its aroma throughout the industry in recent decades.


Meera’s Bistro Restaurant has emerged as the first choice of foodies among various eateries in India for providing delicious and lip-smacking dishes.


All of the food on Meera’s Bistro’s menu is prepared to order. Best fixings are conveyed to eateries daily to maintain pace, reliability, and cleanliness in service.


Being the best restaurant in India, Meera’s Bistro Restaurant is committed to providing excellent food, service, and an exceptional dining experience for you and your family to enjoy for a very long time.


Knowing What is Good at Meera’s Bistro


We find the high-quality food offered at restaurants incredibly fascinating, and want to assist the community in discovering the best cuisines in their neighborhood.


The dessert menu at Meera Bistro has a pizza covered with peanut butter and hazelnut banana slices and baked in a wood-fired oven.


This place is also known for its other food menus. It is great for Chinese, North Indian, Bakeries, Biryani, Mughlai.


Meera's Bistro


List Of the Services In Meera’s Bistro Meerut


1. Food Outlet In Meerut


A prominent fast food joint in Meerut is Meera’s Bistro. Meera’s Bistro is working with a skilled and qualified group of chefs and other serving personnel giving their all to produce the highest-quality meals.


The best catering restaurant in Meerut is this one. They offer enticing food that is tasty to the palate and of a quality and amount that may quickly satisfy the stomach.


The food is presented as hot and delicious. They are preparing the meal with the help of their team of chefs, which consists of various gourmet experts and partners trained in healthy cooking techniques.


The cuisine is provided with the utmost care for sanitation and cleanliness. Their culinary process uses crisp, palatable raw ingredients to create the cuisine they produce.


They buy their basic cooking supplies from certain market vendors who are skilled at catering to Meerut’s adaptive snack culture. These are affordable prices so people can enjoy the food with enthusiasm and satisfaction.



  • They produce and provide high-quality meals.
  • They offer food at the best pricing.
  • There are numerous cuisines accessible for the food.
  • The top market sellers were used to obtain the ingredients for cooking.

2. Snacks Outlet In Meerut


The best snack restaurant in Meerut is Meera’s Bistro. They are collaborating with Meerut’s top snack bar. The whole population in Meerut has become a fan of their snacks due to their high quality and quantity.


Crispy and tangy nibbles are offered with them. Their crew of catering workers, which consists of a variety of chefs and helpers skilled in the most remarkable cooking techniques, is assisting us in producing the snacks.


Such snacks are prepared with the utmost attention to sanitation and hygiene. The fresh and delicious cooking ingredients they use to prepare the snacks are used in their entirety.


They purchase these essential ingredients for cooking from a few carefully chosen market sellers renowned for providing high-quality snacks in Meerut. These are provided at reasonable pricing so customers can savor the food and feel satisfied.


A variety of tastes and cuisines are included in the category of snacks that they serve. According to customer needs, they offer regional snacks. The restaurant’s ambience further distinguishes them in Meerut, along with the delicious and garnished snacks.



  • The food they provide is of the highest caliber.
  • They have a variety of regionally specialized snacks available.
  • The highest quality ingredients, purchased from picky suppliers, go into making the dish.
  • The snacks they offer are reasonably priced.


3. Breakfast Outlet In Meerut


The best breakfast restaurant in Meerut is Meera’s Bistro. Their team of qualified and experienced employees strives to prepare the best breakfast and offer it with care.


To maintain the breakfast standard provided in the restaurants, the chefs and all the supporting staff work to maintain hygiene and sanitation. These eateries are well-known in Meerut for offering a variety of foods with distinctive flavors.


The breakfast is prepared with regional tastes and touches to ensure that each customer is delighted with the level of flavor that they desire. One of the most important meals of the day is considered to be breakfast.


In this way, it is a profitable industry; however, it is crucial to properly understand how to open a breakfast restaurant. The fact that breakfast is necessary to boost energy is one of the main reasons for serving it along with beverages.


As young people move to metropolitan regions to take on responsibilities and separate from their families, they must collectively choose the most excellent and highest-quality breakfast to fuel them for the entire day.


Meera’s Bistro works for Indian cafeterias that provide superior administration and a sterilized breakfast. Along with the nature of their high-quality meals, they provide the ideal ambience feeling.


Additionally, they collaborate with the team that tests food before it is served. They provide the highest quality breakfast.


Meera’s Bistro is unique in that it operates cafeterias and provides the most incredible cooking services. Once you locate Meera’s Bistro, you will return sooner to eat breakfast at one of their restaurants.


4. Lunch Outlet In Meerut


The best lunch eatery in Meerut is Meera’s Bistro. They are a well-known company with a team of qualified and experienced specialists. They have a chain of eateries spread all over the nation.


The restaurants employ a team of top chefs to provide their guests with the best food. They are the group that believes in both quantity and quality. The customer receives a fantastic amount of the best quality at a reasonable price.



  • They provide a lunch that is bursting with flavor and aroma.
  • The group at the front and rear end gathering include servers, master food specialists, and other staff members.
  • We use fresh ingredients to prepare the food and uphold the ideals of value.
  • We charge fair prices for the services we provide.
  • Food is ready upon placing your order.


5. Dinner Outlet In Meerut


A famous vegetarian restaurant in Meerut is Meera’s Bistro. Compared to certain other vegetarian restaurants in Meerut, they are undoubtedly exceptional.


In Meerut, they are the top dinner restaurant. Excellent soups, nectars made from natural products, and alluring sundaes are served at Meera’s Bistro, a restaurant club.


The creative chefs of Meera’s Bistro consider the sundaes prepared here to be elite. When you get there, don’t forget to try the banana split, hot chocolate fudge, and tropical sundae.


The restaurant also serves traditional dishes like pav bhaji and kulcha, which have fiery flavors. Jalapeno slices, roasted chunks, and Mozzarella cheese sticks are a few side dish preferences.


Additionally, it serves as the focal point for fantastic Italian-Indian pizzas. People who enjoy trying new pizza varieties should visit this establishment as well. It is worth looking at the vegetarian cuisine served at Meera’s Bistro in Meerut.


Foodies have more than just a hunger for food. They are insatiably hungry for creative food ideas and a variety of flavors. Try one of these incredible pure vegetarian restaurants in Meerut this weekend and indulge in some delicious cuisine.


They charge affordable prices for the meals that they serve. They have the best chefs and service staff, and the quality and quantity of food are appropriate. Please locate them at their earliest orders.


Something Special About Meera’s Bistro Meerut


You’ve probably heard about the well-known gold coffee everyone is gushing about in Dubai. We have discovered a small cafe close to Delhi making this famous combination, so we won’t be asking you to come to another country to enjoy it.

Excited? To learn more, keep reading!


You must visit Meera’s Bistro as soon as possible if you’re in the area since they make 24-Karat Gold Coffee, which is located in Meerut, roughly two hours from Delhi and an hour from Ghaziabad.


With this 24-Karat gold-covered coffee, you can elevate your caffeine things to a whole new level. This adorable restaurant is worth the trip because it is perhaps the first café close to Delhi to include this well-known beverage.


Allow us to intervene and provide more information about this beverage before you begin picturing a coffee brewed from coffee beans that are colored gold.


Cappuccinos with foamy tops are generally made like this coffee. Two sheets of edible 24-karat gold leaves are then placed on top to add sparkle and glitz to your typical cup of coffee. Simply swirl the top, gold-plated layer with a spoon to enjoy your favorite coffee as you always have.


In addition to the sparkling coffee, you should try the Choco Burst Pizza, Chana Masala, Jalebi Rabri, and Palak Patta Chaat. They’re all mouthwatering!



This cafe deserves every foodie’s immediate attention thanks to its stylish ambiance, boho decor, delectable drinks, and flavorful fare.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


In which location is Meera’s Bistro Amoroso Cafe?


NH#58, Meerut Bypass Rd, Kanker Khera, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh 250001, India, is the address of Meera’s Bistro Amoroso Cafe.


What time does Meera’s Bistro Amoroso Cafe open?


11:00 AM to 10:00 PM – Monday

11:00 AM to 10:00 PM – Tuesday

11:00 AM to 10:00 PM – Wednesday

11:00 AM to 10:00 PM – Thursday

11:00 AM to 10:00 PM – Friday

11:00 AM to 10:00 PM – Saturday

11:00 AM to 10:00 PM – Sunday


Where are Meera’s Bistro Amoroso Cafe’s GPS coordinates?


Latitude: 29.0207163

Longitude: 77.6631072


Meera’s Bistro Meerut Food Menu:

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meera bistro meerut menu

meera bistro meerut menu

meera bistro meerut menu

meera bistro meerut menu

meera bistro meerut menu

meera bistro meerut menu

meera bistro meerut menu

meera bistro meerut menu

meera bistro meerut menu

meera bistro meerut menu

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