Festivals of Chennai

Festivals of Chennai: Pongal, Music Festival, Thaipusam, Karthigai Deepam


Festivals of Chennai


When it comes to learning about South Indian culture and traditions, Chennai is one of the major cities in South India that has managed to keep its culture alive to this day.

Throughout the year, various colourful festivals of Chennai are going to held in this year.

When learning about a particular state, the basis of its culture can be found in the state’s festivals, which bring everyone together.

Chennai has some distinctive events, such as the balloon festival in Chennai and Pongal, which has a significant historical significance in the state.

Here you will see some of Tamil’s most important festivals:


1. Pongal


Pongal festival is a primary festival celebrated all over Tamilnadu, especially in Chennai.

This festival, which takes place over four days, is one of Tamil Nadu’s major festivities.

Each of the four days has significance, as well as celebrations and traditions. The four-day Pongal festival in Tamil Nadu begins on the day known as Bhogi.

On this day, people pray to Lord Indra. The bonfire is used to burn old things. New items are purchased.

On Thai Pongal the next day, people wear new clothes, and couples throw sugarcane and coconut into the river.

On the third day, cows are beautifully decorated to celebrate the festival.

Families visit their relatives on the last day of Chennai’s harvest festival, Kaanum Pongal.

The festivity comes to a satisfying conclusion with the exchange of gifts.


pongal festival


2. Chennai music and dance festival


Most people like music and dance. But in Chennai, it is celebrated as one of the festivals.

The Chennai music and dance festival will showcase the best of South Indian classical music.

This festival is a dance and music event. From mid-December until mid-January, this festival will take place. It takes place in the Tamil Nadu city of Chennai.

The festival will take place in several locations throughout the city where guests can stay.

Heritage homes, Sabhas, auditoriums, and a variety of other locations will all be utilized.

All of these celebrations will give the city a festive appearance.

People who are passionate about music will attend the event in one of the venues.


Chennai music and dance festival


3. Thaipusam in Tamil Nadu


Thaipusam is one of Tamil Nadu’s festivities most highly celebrated in Chennai city. It is observed on a full moon day in the Tamil calendar month of Thai.

Thaipusam celebrates the birth of Lord Subramaniam, Lord Shiva’s younger son. Faithful people make and keep pledges, and they pray to the Lord.

The actual festival day is an apology, and devotees carry two pots attached to a long pole filled with rice, milk, and other offerings, which they carry to the temple and present to the Lord.

Some devotees cut their bodies with sharp items during Thaipusam and claim to be satisfying.


Thaipusam in chennai


4. Karthigai Deepam in Tamil Nadu


One of the Tamil Nadu festivals, Karthigai Deepam, takes place from mid-November to mid-December during the Tamil calendar’s Karthigai month.

In Tamil Nadu, this festival is observed for ten days, during which people dress in new attire, give and receive gifts, and visit with family.

The Festival of Lights is an extension of Diwali despite its name.

Due to Lord Shiva’s appearance in the Thiruvannamalai Hills, people think this month is particularly significant. During this period, there was a fair as well.


Karthigai Deepam in chennai


Bottom Line


So, these are the festivals of Chennai and there are Several more festivals happily celebrated in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu.

So you can enjoy every part of the festivals of the Chennai in the season. The above listed are a few festivals listed above in Chennai.


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