Festivals of Srinagar

Festivals of Srinagar: Hemis Festival, Baisakhi, Tulip Festival, Losar

The city of Srinagar is well known for having unique traditions, cultures and the festivals of Srinagar. Crafts and other forms of regional art show its striking cultural aspects. The art and crafts are a fusion of Tibetan, Mughal, and Persian styles.

Different Kashmiri dancers and singers gather in Srinagar to perform at the towns many theatres and art galleries. There are numerous Qaw Wali tribes, each with unique musical instruments.

Srinagar is known for its vibrant festivals, Festivals of Srinagar which are celebrated with passion, rich food, and great celebration. India is home to numerous religions and states, each of which has hundreds of festivals. Below you see a few festivals celebrated in Srinagar:


Hemis Festival


One of the hardest to find Jammu and Kashmir celebrations is this festival. The festival of Hemis is probably the most vibrant one celebrated in Jammu and Kashmir.

The festival honours Lord Padmasambhava, also known as Guru Rinpoche, in the area and is held every 12 years at the Hemis Monastery in Hemis. It is approximately 45 kilometres from Leh.

People’s spiritual and physical health is consideration to be improved by the formal event.

The ceremony is lengthy and includes a number of Tibetan ritual things. But the mask dancers, who perform the chams dance, are what you find most fascinating about the whole thing.


Hemis Festival




The Sikh community’s most well-known festival is Baisakhi, which is celebrated nationwide on April 13th.

The Sikhs celebrate their new year on Baisakhi, which also stars India’s harvest season. Baisakhi is celebrated as Jammu and Kashmir’s harvest festival due to the state’s large Sikh population.

Due to the huge celebrations that take place in Kashmir, Baisakhi is one of the most well-known holidays there.




Tulip Festival


At the Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden in Srinagar, there is currently a festival of tulips.

The location is set up for Asia’s greatest tulip show during the first 15 days of April each year, which is attended by tulip enthusiasts, tourists, and nature lovers.

The festival-specific tulips come in around 50 different types and various colours.

The Tulip festival in Jammu and Kashmir is a great spot to see the city’s most beautiful sights of the season.

The beginning of spring in the valley is characterised by the blooming of a huge amount of lovely flowers, and this year’s festival will feature these most beautiful thing.


Tulip Festival




Jamyang Namgyal, the king of Ladakh, was reportedly advised to delay his fight with Skardu until the end of winter, which was the traditional beginning of the New Year in Tibet.

One of the well-known celebrations of Jammu and Kashmir is Losar, which is usually observed over a period of 15 days.

Ladakh has since observed the Losar New Year festival early after the king chose to celebrate the New Year two months earlier.

In Ladakhi households, incense made from juniper is frequently used, as is a decorative sheep’s head created from coloured butter.




Bottom Line


There are many more festivals in Jammu and Kashmir that collectively reflect the deeply established culture of the various regions that might be included in the list. So everyone will like to enjoy all the festivals conducted in Srinagar


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