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7 Best Chicago Food you must try

Chicago is the third most popular city in the United States to have the famous food chains. Being the most important and visited international hub, it has also been known for its international trade, tech, finance etc. The dishes prepared in the city is a refection of the working class’s ethnic roots.

7 Best Chicago Food you must try

To introduce yourself to the genuine American flavors, make sure to try some of these famous Chicago food that might as well become the biggest reason  for you to revisit the city!

  1. Deep Dish Pizza
  2. Tacos
  3. The Original Rainbow cone
  4. Hot Dogs
  5. Gyros
  6. Cheeseburger
  7. Italian Beef Sandwich

1- Deep Dish Pizza

Pequod is one of the best pizzerias where you can find Chicago’s famous deep dish pizzas or any other type of pizza. With the deep inch golden and butter caramelized crusts along with fillings and sauces that just enough to make your day. More than a pizzeria, Pequod is a two- storied low key sports bar along the corner of a unfamous theatre.

However, there are other places in Chicago which serves deep dish pizza other than Pequod. A few other places that prepares this dish are- Lou Malnati, Giordano and Pizzeria Uno.

deep dish pizza

2- Tacos

Tacos is one of the most famous food of Chicago where one can never have enough of them. Ranging from genuine Mexican to fusion Korean flavors. One of the best places to visit to have the best Taco ever is Antique Taco run by a Mexican couple that cooks with soul and heart and represents amazing           Tacos to whomever steps at their door.


3- The Original Rainbow Cone

Anyone with the sweet tooth needs to try the Rainbow cone while visiting the Chicago city. A cake cone with different flavors of ice cream has became the icon of Chicago.

This treat has all the flavors you need for your sweet tooth.  The rainbow cone is loaded with orange sherbat, Palmer house, Pistachio ice cream, chocolate ice cream and strawberry.

The Original Rainbow Cone

4- Hot Dogs

If you’re wondering what food you for sure try during your trip to Chicago – Classic Hot dog in Chicago style. The Chicago style hot dog was born out of Depression.

All beef hot dog came from Vienna Beef. The company first debuted their frankfurters at the Food’s fair held in Chicago in 1893. It was a instant hit at that time, today you can try their original recipe at their Factory store and Café.

Hot Dogs

5- Gyros

Mixture of Beef and lamb, wrapped neatly around soft pita and topped with the onions , sour tzatziki and juicy tomatoes correctly describe this pick and move savoury cuisine. By Greek taste and origin, this iconic stand has engrave in the hearts  of locals .


6- Cheeseburger

Cheeseburgers and Chicago both go parallel with each other.  According to the magazine of 2015, one of the most famous cheese burger are prepared in Community Tavern. What attracts the crowd to this joint is not just a typical burger but a double patty cheeseburger layered with the fries, pickles , smoked cheddar and red onions. It may sounds odd at first but when you take a bite, you will  attain heaven for sure.


7- Italian Beef Sandwich

It is not a French dip sandwich, and it’s not a Roast beef sandwich either. Leave it to Chicago to give these classics a twist and crate own sandwich famously known The Italian beef sandwich.

This beef sandwich is made up with paper-thin slices of roasted lean beef soaked in  stock and then layered on the thick bread loaf to sop up all the juicy goodness, the Chicago Italian sandwich id every bit as sloppy and delicious as it sounds.


Italian Beef Sandwich




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