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SIDHBALI HANUMAN TEMPLE Kotdwar Uttrakhand- Place Of Faith And devotion

Sidhbali temple is located on the banks of khoh river in kotdwara. It is a historic temple dedicated to lord Hanuman. In the name sidhbali Sidh means ascetic and bali means valour. Sidhbali temple is the place of faith and devotion for many great saints (Sidh). Sidhbali temple is also a sacred pilgrimage for Nath community because guru Gorakhnath, the Nath Guru meditated here for several years. Kotdwar Sidhbali Dham is one of the 84 peethas. It is said that Lord Hnauman have given Guru Gorakhnath darshan here.  The temple is  situated on the small hill on the banks   of the Garahwali  Khoh river. Sidhbali temple is the most famous place to visit in Kotdwara.





A pilgrimage bridge connects it to main Pauri- Kotdwara road. You can see a small river and the curvy path over the mountain which leads directly to the Hill station, Lansdowne. This hill station is overall a sacred, peaceful and spiritual location. Sidhbali temple is the Hindu shrine, but it is also popular among the people of other faiths.

The temple is located at the top so it is required visitors from below to climb 150+ stairs to visit temple. The most important day to visit the temple in the Hindu shrine is Sidh Baba’s Jayanti. The festivals include  Abhishek. In the Sidhbali temple bheli and jaggery, During the monsoon batasha is served instead of bheli as Prasad for Sidhbali ji.

History of Sidhbali Hanuman Temple

Over many years, the spirituality of the location has drawn many sadhus and saints to do Tapas. On this hilltop where Sidhbali temple is situated, one such saint tapas to Sri Hanuman and achieve self- realization. Over the times, two natural pindis was discovered by the devotees one is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and other one is dedicated to Guru Shri Gorakhnath. As the result the area became known as Siddha+Bali=Sidhbali.

In the past, A famous incident occurred at this holy place, support the fact that this place is sacred. A Muslim officer on the duty of British government was passing through this holy sight on his way to somewhere. He passed out here and was instructed and given direction to build a temple  with the two sacred pindi. He informed those around him of the direction. As a result Sidhbali temple is build.

View from the Sidhbali Temple 

The scenic surroundings and hill forest  in the back of the temple make sidhbali or attractive for tourists. The temple offers scenic views of the surroundings.


view from sidhbali temple


Bhandara at Sidhbali Hanuman Temple

Sidhbali Temple has the tradition of bhandara (free food), in which people provide food for all the devotees and poor once their wishes gets fulfilled. If you want to do bhandara at Sidhbali temple, you must book it at least 1-2 months advance because there are many people who want to provide free food (bhandara) at Sidhbali temple.

About the Temple 

The temple is painted in the deep orange color as it is said to be the favorite color of Lord Hanuman ji. The idol of Lord Hanuman is standing tall on a cliff, surrounded by the wonderful view of the Garhwal Himalayas. Inside the Sidhbali temple there are two Pindis (sacred stones) one is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and other one is dedicated to Guru Gorakhnath ji, both of which are praise on their own in ancient times.

The temple was build later. As one climb the stairs , they will arrive at  open space with barrier to control the number of devotees who visit for Darshan. The view from there is Hypnotic with forest, hill and water all around and the devotees mind will be cleared of all the thoughts and worries, and devotees are ready to darshan of sidhbali with the pure and fresh mind.


sidhbali 1


Have Darshan of Sidhpurush and bajarangbali in those two pindis established on both side of  Sri Hanumanji’s deity.

The shrine mandap is decorated with the  images of Hindu deities. All of these images are hand drawn by the artists of Rajasthan.  Murtis of Santoshi Maa and Goddess Kali can also be found  in the temple complex. 

Shri Sidhbali Mela 2022

Every year in the month of December the temple host the grant Sidhbali mela. During this time, tourists and devotees come in large numbers to pray. At the Shri Sidhbali temple you can take a look at the traditions and cultures of India.

Timings to visit Shri Sidhbali Temple 

Monday4:30 AM- 7:30 PM
Tuesday4:30 AM- 7:30 PM
Wednesday4:30 AM- 7:30 PM
Thursday4:30 Am- 7:30 PM
Friday4:30 AM- 7:30 PM
Saturday4:30 AM- 7:30 PM
Sunday4:30 AM- 7:30 PM


Morning aarti starts at 5:00 AM and evening aarti starts at 6:30 PM. 

How to Reach 

By Car

One can hire a taxi or a shared auto from Kotdwar to reach at the temple. And one can also go there by their own car or other vehicle.


by car


By Rail

Kotdwar is connected by rail to major Indian cities. Nearest railway station to reach at the temple is Kotdwar railway station that is 2 km away from the temple one can hire taxi or auto- rickshaw from the Railway station.


by train


By Air

The nearest airport to Kotdwar is Jolly grant airport which is 110 km away from taxis and buses run from the airport to Kotdwar.


jolly grant airport


Frequently asked Questions(FAQ)s

1- Which day is less crowded for the Darshan of Sidhbali?

Ans- Weekends are appropriate forv the Darshan of Sidhbali because the place is less crowded on the weekends.

2- Is their any PG or Hotel close to the Sidhbali Temple?

Ans- Their any many hotels, PGs and Dharamshalas close to the temple.

3- Is one day is sufficient to visit Sidhbali Temple?

Ans- Yes, one day is enough to visit Sidhbali Temple you just need only 3-4 hours for the tour and Darshan of the temple.

4- How Many stairs are we need to climb to visit the Temple?

Ans- To visit Sidhbali Temple, you have to Climb 150 stairs to reach the temple.