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Wondering what the Losoong festival is? Let’s dive deep into the unique festival celebrated in the Sikkim of India. Losoong is a festival celebrated every year in December by the Bhutia tribe and is the Sikkimese New Year too.


Appraised to be one of the most significant festivals in the North East Indian state of Sikkim, Losoong or Namsoong marks the beginning of the Sikkimese New Year and is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm all across the region.


The event marks the end of the harvest season and gives all the farmers who have worked hard all year long a much-needed period of joy and enthusiasm.


Losoong is an excellent retreat for tourists and travelers looking to experience the distinctive Sikkimese culture.


It offers them an unmatched display of traditional folk dances, religious rituals & ceremonies, and, of course, a once-in-a-lifetime chance to indulge in the delectable Sikkimese cuisine.


History of the Losoong Festival


Originally only celebrated by the Bhutia people, the Losoong festival eventually extended to the Lepchas and is honored today by several other small tribes in Sikkim, Darjeeling, and Nepal.


For farmers, it is one of the most important holidays since it gives them a chance to rejoice and enjoy their harvest.


With monasteries and monks preparing for the celebrations and various local sporting events, as well as colorful flags and festoons dotted throughout the streets, there is still a festive atmosphere even though the festivities are kept private among family members and friends. The snowy mountains serve as a stunning backdrop to the lively scene.


Timeframe of the Losoong Festival


The Losoong festival takes place on the 18th day of the 10th lunar month, usually December, according to the Tibetan Lunar Calendar. Cultural events are held in monasteries like Rumtek and Tsuklakhang Palace during the celebrations, which run for around four days.


Significant Festival Rituals


The traditions and ceremonies of Losoong mainly were adopted from Losar, a far more well-known event in Sikkim that ushers in the Tibetan New Year. The highlight of this festival is the Cham dances performed by Buddhist monks.


The masked dancers are a dazzling explosion of vivid colors, varied folk music, and heart-pounding acrobatic maneuvers. All visitors and tourists eagerly anticipate the festivities, including archery competitions and a delicious buffet of traditional Sikkimese food.


The Losoong Festival’s major festivities start when the priests present the gods with “Chi-Fut.” Locally, the Chi-Fut is a specific alcohol that is well-known. A model of a symbolic demon king is burned after the ritual, which primarily symbolizes the destruction of evil.


The two main eye-catching performances at the Losoong Festival are the black hat dance and chaam dance. These are primarily performed to start the year off pleasantly and optimistically.


The monks participate in customary singing and dance festivities as well. The men who participate in it must wear enormous masks and bulky traditional clothing, making them look quite appealing and entertaining.


Attending these Sikkim festivals is a beautiful way to meet people and discover their culture and traditions.


Losoong Festival of Gangtok


How to Reach?


As a vacation spot, Sikkim is incredibly picturesque and a treasure that has to be discovered. You can peek at their culture at exciting tourist destinations like Yuksom and Tashiding Monastery. Still, if you want to see their customs in splendor, you should come here during the Losoong Festival.


1. Via Airways


By Plane Arranging a trip to Sikkim by air is practical and advised. It would be best if you departed for this at the Pakyong Airport, located around 100 kilometers from Sikkim. It is one of India’s five highest airports and the first greenfield airport in the North East. Many airlines fly to and from this airport, including Spicejet, IndiGo, Air India, and Jet Airways.


You may depart from Bagdogra International Airport in addition to Pakyong Airport. The distance between this airport and the city center is approximately 150–160 kilometers, and airlines like IndiGo, Air India, and SpiceJet offer good connectivity. After disembarking, you can take a taxi to your destination.


2. Via Road


Are you considering a road trip to Sikkim? Nothing could be better, though! You’ll need to travel 127 miles on the NH10 from Darjeeling, 154 km on the NH10 from Bagdogra, and 603 km on the NH27 from Patna.


3. Via Train


Planning a trip to Sikkim by train is another excellent choice. You should be aware that Siliguri and New Jalpaiguri, the two closest train stations connected to Indian cities, are situated at a distance of roughly 145 and 149 kilometers, respectively. Here is a list of nearby cities and the trains you can take from each.


  • Delhi – Arunachal Express from Anand Vihar Station
  • Kolkata – Shatabdi Express from Howrah Junction
  • Darjeeling – DJ NJP Passenger
  • Patna – DBRT Rajdhani from Danapur


Once you have deboarded the train, you will have to take public transportation, such as a taxi or bus, to cover the remaining distance.


Wrap Up!


We have festivals in our culture. They have become a part of our life and the environment in which we have grown up. India is renowned for its many vibrant festivals observed all year round, and one of the unique and unforgettable festivals is Losoong of Sikkim.


Festivals facilitate interaction and foster a feeling of community. People from all walks of life gather on these days to celebrate life. Festivals are when historical accounts emerge to inform people about the past and make them appreciate the value of commemorating across generations.


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