PLACES TO VISIT IN DEHRADUN – Top 5 Tourists attractions in Dehradun

Top 5 Tourists attractions in Dehradun

Dehradun is the capital and the most popular city in the state of Uttarakhand. It is located in Doon valley on the foothills of the Himalayas. It is famous for its weather and scenic surroundings. It is the main attraction for the tourists.




Now we are going to discuss about 5 places that you must visit in Dehradun 

1-  Forest Research Institute

2- Dehradun Zoo

3- Clock town

4- Laxman Siddh Temple

5- Shiv Mandir


1- Forest Research institute

Forest research institute is the natural resource service training  institute. It is located at Dehradun, Uttarakhand it is the oldest institution.  It is the main tourist attraction in Dehradun.


forest reserch institute


In 1991 it was declared a deemed university by University Grants commission. It was founded in 1864 as the British Imperial forest school by the Dietrich brands. Visitors like to walk in the serene and peaceful environment of FRI. One can witness wide range of the plants and trees from across the world in the fields of FRI.

Apart from the main building and green field tourists also enjoy an picnic place Botanical garden in FRI campus. Some of the famous museums are their in the FRI. It has six museums based on pathology, timber, non wood forest products and silviculture.


Entry fee- 10 Rs , Guide- 50 Rs

Exploration Time- 3 hour


Timings to visit Forest research Institute

The best timing to visit Forest Research Institute is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Way to Reach

Forest Research institute is located at 5 km from Dehradun city. One can reach easily at Forest Research institute by rickshaw, bus or by taxi from the any part of the Dehradun city. Dehradun railway station is 6 km from Forest Research institute and airport is at Jolly Grant Airport.


2- Dehradun zoo

Dehradun zoo is also  known as Malsi Deer Park is one of  the tourist places of Dehradun. Dehradun zoo is one of the best place to visit on the way to the Mussoorie.


dehradun zoo


This zoo is developed as the mini zoological park and offers a brilliant view of the natural beauty enveloping the area. It is build on the objective to conserve wild Animals, biodiversity conservation. Tourists in large number visit Dehradun zoo every year for picnic etc.


Entry fees adults- Rs 20 , Kids- Rs 10

Exploration Time- 3 Hours


Timings to visit Dehradun zoo

The best timings to visit Dehradun zoo is:

( March to October) is from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm.

(November to February) is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Parking at Dehradun zoo

The parking rates for the two wheelers and four wheelers is Rs 10 and Rs 30 respectively on the time of weekdays. While the rates on the weekend is Rs 15 and Rs 40 respectively.


Way to reach

Dehradun zoo is located 9 km from the Centre of the city, clock tower it can be easily accessed by the auto or bus. You can take No- 1 Vikram which will drop you at Mussoorie diversion road and after few minutes of walk you lead to Dehradun zoo.

Dehradun railway station is the nearest railway station and Jolly Grant airport is the closest airport to the zoo.


3- Clock tower

Clock tower is the landmark and the major attraction of the Dehradun it is also known as Ghanta Ghar locally. It is located in the center of the city and encircled by commercial centers like shops, GPO, six face clock tower with a clock in each face this monument is before the independence.


dehradun clock tower


Clock tower of Dehradun is located at Rajpur road these are the name of the freedom fighter of the Dehradun city are engraved in the golden plaque on the clock tower. Major commercial Centre are easily accessible from the clock tower.


Exploration Time- 30 minutes


Timings to visit Clock tower

Clock tower is open 24 hours


Way to Reach

Clock tower is located at the Centre of the city also every bus and auto passed through or nearby clock tower. Nearest railway station is Dehradun railway station and airport is Jolly Grant airport.


4- Laxman Siddh Temple

Laxman siddh temple is among the most famous temples in the Dehradun city. The temple is located at 12 km from the Dehradun city at Haridwar/Rishikesh road.


lakshman sidhh temple


Laxman siddh temple is the place of great devotion. The temple is a cremation site of the saint Swami Laxman Siddh. It is believed that Laxman Siddh temple is the same place where Lord Laxman repentance after slaying the demon king Ravana.

Every year a fair is organized on the last Sunday of April month at Laxman Siddh Temple. Tourists can see the culture and customs of local tribes of Dehradun at the time of the Fair in Laxman Siddh Temple.


Exploration Time – 30 minutes


Timings to visit Laxman Siddh Temple

Laxman Siddh temple opens 24 hours on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday , Saturday and Sunday on Thursday temple is closed.


Way to Reach

Laxman Siddh Temple is located at 12 km from the Dehradun city on Haridwar/ Rishikesh road. One can easily reach Harrawala  by hiring taxi or auto and after reaching Harrawala there is 1 km trekking to reach Laxman Siddh temple. Nearest railway station is Dehradun railway station and airport is Jolly Grant airport.


5- Shiv Mandir

Shiv Mandir is popularly known as Prakasheshwar Mahadev Temple among the locals as well as for devotees. The temple is one of the famous religious places of Dehradun. This temple is mainly known for Lord shiva. In this temple you can see pictures and idols of god and goddess.


shiv mandir


Everyday temple is decorated with flowers and special poojas are held on the occasion of Shivratri and Saawan. This is the only temple where  devotees do not offer any donations to the god.


Exploration time- 1 hour


Timings to visit Shiv Mandir

The best timings to visit Shiv mandir is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Way to Reach

It is located about 12 km from Dehradun on Mussoorie near kuthal road. The temple is 8 km away from the bus stand. Nearest railway station is Dehradun railway station and airport is Jolly Grant Airport.



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